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                                  Christian Charities USA

Christian Charities USA is a diverse group of national and international charities working together to relieve suffering and despair. What sets us apart is the dependability and dedication of our member charities as we work in every area of our country and our world to ease the suffering of people who could use a helping hand: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Each of the charities you see on this site has earned an America's Best Charities Seal of Excellence for quality administration and program activity.

Open Doors USA

Open Doors is the largest network in the world serving persecuted Christians.

We work directly with pastors and church leaders to address the most critical needs of the suffering church on the ground. In every region, the needs might be different, but we seek to strengthen the church where it's needed most.
Today, more than 360 million Christians worldwide experience extreme persecution and discrimination for their faith.

Our mission is to stand with them and let them know they are never alone ... They are part of one Church, and one Family.